James Maitland Stewart was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania on May 20,
1908.  Mr. Stewart began his movie career in 1935 when he signed a
contract with MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). He became one of the
finest American movie actors of all-time. He spent seven decades
making movie classics (such as
It's a Wonderful Life and Harvey).

Mr. Stewart also found time to share his talent on radio broadcasts,
beginning in the 1930s. In 1937, Mr. Stewart was on radio programs,
such as
Lux Radio Theatre and Silver Theatre. In addition, Mr. Stewart
appeared on the radio program
Good News of 1938.

On March 22,1941, James Stewart enlisted in the US Army. This, of
course, was many months prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor (which
led to the United States entering World War II). Mr. Stewart became a
bomber pilot during the war. He flew over 20 combat missions with the
445th Bomb Group. James Stewart was awarded the Distinguished
Flying Cross (twice).

After World War II, James Stewart appeared on several famous radio
programs, such as
Suspense, Screen Director's Playhouse, and Philco
Radio Time
. In 1953, Mr. Stewart portrayed Britt Ponset on the fine
radio western,
The Six Shooter.

James Stewart is my favorite American actor. He was both a great
actor and a great American. But most importantly, James Maitland
Stewart was a wonderful human being!
  • Lux Radio Theatre
  • Madame X
  • Broadcast: 6/14/1937
  • James Stewart's first appearance on Lux
  • Lux Radio Theatre
  • Magic Town
  • Broadcast:
  • Also starring Jane
  • Screen Director's Playhouse
  • Magic Town
  • Broadcast: 1/6/1950
  • Screen Director's Playhouse
  • Jackpot
  • Broadcast: 4/26/1951
  • Screen Guild Theatre
  • Tailored by Toni
  • Broadcast: 3/12/1939
  • Also starring Carole
  • Screen Guild Theatre
  • Going My Way
  • Broadcast: 11/5/1939
  • Also starring Loretta
  • Screen Guild Theatre
  • Single Crossing
  • Broadcast: 2/11/1940
  • Also starring Myrna