On September 20, 1953, The Six Shooter radio program
debuted on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).
James Stewart starred as the easy-going frontier drifter
named Brett Ponset.

Frank Burt created the radio program,
The Six Shooter.
He also wrote most of the episodes. The theme music,
"Highland Lament", was composed by Basil Adlam.
Six Shooter
was produced and directed by Jack
Johnstone. The announcers were Hal Gibney and John

The Six Shooter was a superb radio western, but it only
lasted one season.  The last episode aired on June
24,1954.The emergence of Television, in the 1950s, was
it's greatest enemy. If
The Six Shooter had begun a
decade earlier it would have likely had a much longer run.

There were 39 episodes of the
The Six Shooter.
Fortunately, all 39 episodes still exist, including an
audition show. Below, you can click and listen to all 39
episodes of this fine radio western (including the
audition show).  Enjoy.