On January 13, 1950, Night Beat (Starring Frank
Lovejoy) was first broadcast on NBC (The National
Broadcasting Company). This was the audition
show. Frank Lovejoy played newspaper reporter,
Randy Stone. Randy Stone covered human interest
stories for The Chicago Star.

The first season, of
Night Beat, began on February
6, 1950. The program was broadcast on Monday
nights, at 7:00PM.
Night Beat was sustained
(lacking a sponsor) during the first 16 episodes.

On May 29, 1950, Wheaties began sponsoring the
radio series. However, Wheaties sponsorship was
short lived. On August 14, 1950,
Night Beat again
lacked a sponsor and was sustained. The radio
program moved to Friday evenings, beginning on
October 6, 1950.

The second season, of
Night Beat, began on March
4, 1951. The radio series moved to Thursday night
on May 1, 1952. By this time, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Night Beat's sponsor.

The last episode of
Night Beat was broadcast on
September 25, 1952. Frank Lovejoy did a splendid
job of playing Randy Stone.
Night Beat is one of the
better Old Time Radio programs you will hear. Enjoy!
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